Of all the fishing charters that I run in Northern NJ at various freshwater locations from spring through fall, there is nothing quite as exciting to me as the annual spring American shad run on the Delaware River. For the dedicated group of shad-loving folks on the Delaware River that are certifiable ‘shad nuts’, the sheer strength of an 8 pound+ female shad at the end of the line is what sustains us year-to-year. Catching these fish is truly a blast!

I’m receiving excellent reports from people ‘down south’ on the Delaware River about big catches and larger size fish this year, so I expect some great things for this year’s annual shad run in the northern areas of the Delaware River that I fish. I picked up four new 7′ ultralight rods for use on my downrigggers this year to add even more sport to an already exciting fish fighting opportunity.

I’ll be starting up those trips quite soon in the northern NJ parts of the river, and I hope to have you out there on a great American shad trip this year. Once you get to feel a strong American shad fresh from the ocean at the end of your line, you’ll probably end up becoming a certifiable “shad nut” too.

For now… fish on!