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Sum, Sum, Summertime!

I haven’t had much time to post on here this summer, man the time just flew by… but since my last posting, well it’s sure way past ‘prime time’ for American shad.  This year’s hatch of juvenile shad are now spending their first summer in freshwater before swimming to the ocean in autumn. Those little baby shad are simply such a great food supply for the smallies in the river!

Speaking of smallies, now is a great time for later day top water action on the river, or a mixed bag trip for trout/salmon mixed in with largemouth/pickerel fishing over at Lake Aeroflex in Andover, NJ. That’s just a small sample of what we do and where we go to in NJ during the summertime.

Variety… it’s what truly differentiates us; because there’s always lots of summertime trip options with Fishin’ Fun Charters!

The Amercian shad season is here!

As we move past the mid-point of April, we are now looking at the optimal time for another fantastic American shad fishing season on the Delaware River!  This is indeed THE time of the year in the sections of the river that I fish for the annual American shad run.

There’s just something truly special about a big female American shad fresh from the ocean caught on one of my fly rods, or on an ultra light baitcasting rod, or on a 8′ long ‘whispy soft’ all fiberglass spinning rod… that makes for an absolutely incredible fishing experience.  Let’s not ignore the male of the species…. those smaller, yet much more acrobatic males, are a blast too!

I hope that you can make it out with me to enjoy this great fishing opportunity over the next month or so.  Check out my ‘Press’ tab for some fantastic video of this great sport!

If you want to pursue something else, then there are plenty of other types of trips Fishin’ Fun Charters runs…. including walleye and smallmouth fishing on the Delaware River, along with muskie, largemouth bass, and trout/salmon trips at various lakes in NJ.

Happy Holidays from Fishin’ Fun Charters

Happy Holidays to everyone!  Best of health and happiness in 2014!


It’s ‘prime time’ now for American shad!

After having such a dry spring, it’s nice to see some rain falling as I write this update tonight.  Once it clears up, the Delaware River should be in really great condition for American shad fishing as we wrap up April and move into May.

The month of May is a great time of year to get out for American shad fishing in the mid/northern section of the Delaware River.  If you are looking to get out there with me for an American shad charter this spring, then please get in contact with me soon to book a date for this great fishing trip.

Of course, if you want to go on a trip for some other type of fish this year, there are Fishin’ Fun Charters trips that target muskies, walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike, trout, salmon, and largemouth bass at various locations in NJ.

For now….fish on!   Steve

Fishing Show Season is here!

With winter moving along (heck, did it even start this year?) the fishing show season is now upon us.   I’ll be at the following two shows before kicking off my charter season this year.  If you come to one of these great shows, then please be sure to stop by my table and say hi! 

Sat 2/25:  Ramsey Outdoors, Cabin Fever Days, Roxbury, NJ

Sat 3/31 – Sun 4/1:  NJ Trout Hatchery Open House, Pequest, NJ

Please note that I’ll be starting up the northern pike fishing trips in about 3 weeks and Delaware River American shad trips in about 7 weeks from now.  I also have picked up a plethora of new muskie lures over this winter that I absolutely cannot wait to start throwing and trolling with for those big toothy critters!!!!!

As usual, please be sure to book your American shad trip as early as possible since it is a very popular trip and the best slots do tend to fill up quickly.  If you can’t wait to get into American shad again, then view The Reel Deal “The Great American Shad Run” episodes on my Press tab that we shot last year!  I tend to look at them every so often when I am dying to get that “feel” again of a big female shad on super-light tackle!  :)

For now…. fish on!




Fall Fishing Time!

Ah…the refreshing much cooler days of fall are here!  And with it, lots of big fish intent on fattening up for the upcoming winter.

With this part of the country experiencing the 6th wettest year on record (so far), it has been a very tough year to keep my Delaware River fishing trips on schedule.  Numerous bouts of very heavy rain throughout this year has quite often made the Delaware River a swollen dirty and very unsafe mess.  Hopefully soon that will settle down and we can be prowling the deeper holes for very aggressive football shaped smallies and walleyes. 

Another great place for walleye fishing is Swartswood Lake in Sussex County NJ.  Lots of folks feel that the next state record walleye will most likely come out of that lake.   When fishing Swartswood for walleyes we quite often end up picking up some really nice size largemouth too.

If muskie fishing is on your ‘hit list’ for this year then join me on an excursion this autumn to Furnace Lake in Oxford, NJ.  That little gem of a lake is simply chock full of nice size tiger and pure strain muskies!

Please contact me via my CONTACT page if you want to get out this autumn on any one of those types of trips!  

Of course, if you want to go on a trip for some other type of fish this fall, there are Fishin’ Fun Charters trips for trout, salmon, largemouth, and pickerel at many NJ freshwater lakes.

Fish on!

In the Summertime, when the Fishin’ is HOT….

The weather is hot, and so is the fishing when you pick the right kind of trip for this time of year. One great choice during summer is fishing for the ‘toothy critters’… tiger and pure-strain muskies over at Furnace Lake, in Oxford, NJ. Please see my Gallery for some new pics from recent client trips.

What I really like a lot about that lake too are the rather large bass that will hit the muskie lures, with these fish tending to come in the 5-7 pound class. It’s a nice mix for having one very fine trophy trip!

I also love getting out there on the Delaware River in summer for late day top water smallmouth bass action. That’s another great option for this time of the year, along with lakes for seeking open water trout, and going down even deeper for Lake Trout fishing.

The “Reel Deal” show comes to the Delaware River!

Hey Shad Nuts! Check out my shad fishing epsisode on The Reel Deal now airing on Cablevision during June.  This 3 part video can be found on my site’s Press tab.


American Shad Update – Delaware River

I fished the Montague, NJ, area of the river for 5 consecutive days from Thursday, 5/26 – Monday 5/30 (some client trips, some personal time. Some full days, some half). Thursday – just 7 shad, the water conditions were still in ‘transition’ from earlier rains.  On Friday – 14, Saturday – 32, Sunday – 16, Monday – 14. Water temps started out at mid-60’s on Thursday, were up to 72 by Monday due to this heat wave! Most shad seemed to be fresh fish with plenty of fight.

Beginning on Sunday into Monday, when the water temps were hitting 70, the vast majority of the hits took place in tree shaded faster water from 5 PM-ish to dusk. I didn’t see any spawning activities on the surface near dusk.

Over the five days, I didn’t get a lot of hits off the surface on micro darts as I normally do in the “latter part” of the season. The surface action really didn’t start to happen for me with consistency until Monday evening. Before that, most fish were taken either near the middle of the water column or just off the bottom, and that’s not indicative of a latter season pattern to me. All fish seemed to still be ‘heading north’ too.

So. . . if you still want to get out there for American shad fishing this year, then you better hurry up!  Unfortunately, the ‘Great American Shad Run’ must ultimately come to an end each and every year.  Then the long wait for ‘next year’ sets in for anyone who considers themselves to be a ‘shad nut’ (like me).

American Shad Update – Delaware River

Did pretty well over the weekend (combined client, TV show filming, and personal fishing numbers)… Friday (18), Saturday (15), Sunday (21).  Water temps ranged from 57 to 61 those 3 days.

The flow was starting to get a little slow by Sunday, so I’m looking forward to just a ‘little bit’ of rain these next couple of days.  I’m seeing some females that are looking very plump and ‘ripe’, and the bulk of the fish were taken in the top 25% of the water column.  With clear water and lower flows, I’m going with size 0 and sometimes size 1 flutters along with micro darts.  This year on the downriggers and flatlines I’m using 7′ ultralight baitcasting rods, and also found some 8.5′ 100% fiberglass rods that seem almost like “fly rods with spinning handles/guides” to me, and it’s been quite a blast using this stuff.  With these rods being so super soft I’m seeing less fish popping off the lines, and a heck of a lot more ‘fun factor’ too!