Ah…the refreshing much cooler days of fall are here!  And with it, lots of big fish intent on fattening up for the upcoming winter.

With this part of the country experiencing the 6th wettest year on record (so far), it has been a very tough year to keep my Delaware River fishing trips on schedule.  Numerous bouts of very heavy rain throughout this year has quite often made the Delaware River a swollen dirty and very unsafe mess.  Hopefully soon that will settle down and we can be prowling the deeper holes for very aggressive football shaped smallies and walleyes.

Another great place for walleye fishing is Swartswood Lake in Sussex County NJ.  Lots of folks feel that the next state record walleye will most likely come out of that lake.   When fishing Swartswood for walleyes we quite often end up picking up some really nice size largemouth too.

If muskie fishing is on your ‘hit list’ for this year then join me on an excursion this autumn to Furnace Lake in Oxford, NJ.  That little gem of a lake is simply chock full of nice size tiger and pure strain muskies!

Please contact me via my CONTACT page if you want to get out this autumn on any one of those types of trips!

Of course, if you want to go on a trip for some other type of fish this fall, there are Fishin’ Fun Charters trips for trout, salmon, largemouth, and pickerel at many NJ freshwater lakes.

Fish on!