Fishing Show Season is here!

With winter moving along (heck, did it even start this year?) the fishing show season is now upon us.   I’ll be at the following two shows before kicking off my charter season this year.  If you come to one of these great shows, then please be sure to stop by my table and say hi!

Sat 2/25:  Ramsey Outdoors, Cabin Fever Days, Roxbury, NJ

Sat 3/31 – Sun 4/1:  NJ Trout Hatchery Open House, Pequest, NJ

Please note that I’ll be starting up the northern pike fishing trips in about 3 weeks and Delaware River American shad trips in about 7 weeks from now.  I also have picked up a plethora of new muskie lures over this winter that I absolutely cannot wait to start throwing and trolling with for those big toothy critters!!!!!

As usual, please be sure to book your American shad trip as early as possible since it is a very popular trip and the best slots do tend to fill up quickly.  If you can’t wait to get into American shad again, then view The Reel Deal “The Great American Shad Run” episodes on my Press tab that we shot last year!  I tend to look at them every so often when I am dying to get that “feel” again of a big female shad on super-light tackle!  :)

For now…. fish on!


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